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本文摘要:Researchers have provided fresh evidence of a growing gap between vehicle emissions in laboratory tests and their performance on the road, as questions mount about the carmakers’ conduct in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal.研究人员获取的近期证据指出,


Researchers have provided fresh evidence of a growing gap between vehicle emissions in laboratory tests and their performance on the road, as questions mount about the carmakers’ conduct in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal.研究人员获取的近期证据指出,汽车在实验室检测中得出结论的尾气废气值与它们在实际道路上行经时的废气值之间差距更加大。大众汽车(Volkswagen)尾气不实丑闻再次发生后,汽车制造商的诚信受到更加多的批评。

One of the research groups that helped uncover the VW case published new data on Friday, claiming that carbon dioxide emissions in European road tests were on average 40 per cent higher than the official laboratory results advertised in car sales literature.曾协助识破大众不实案的一家研究机构周五公布近期数据,称之为欧洲道路检测中得出结论的二氧化碳排放量比汽车销售宣传册中发布的官方实验室检测结果平均值高达40%。The International Council on Clean Transportation, the environmental research body that led the research, said the figure was an “all-time high” and compared with a gap of just 10 per cent in 2003, though there was no suggestion that defeat devices were to blame.领导此次研究的环境研究机构——国际洗手交通委员会(International Council on Clean Transportation,全称ICCT)回应,这一数字刷新了“新纪录”,2003年两者之间的差距仅有为10%,但该机构没将之归咎于愚弄装置。The ICCT aggregated research from six countries on almost 600,000 vehicles from at least nine carmakers to draw its conclusions.ICCT汇总了对来自6个国家的最少9家汽车制造商的将近60万辆汽车的研究合后得出结论了上述结论。


“About three quarters of the gap between laboratory test results and real-world driving is explained by vehicle manufacturers exploiting loopholes in the current regulation,” said Peter Mock, managing director of the ICCT in Europe.ICCT派驻欧洲的董事总经理彼得莫克(Peter Mock)回应:“就实验室检测结果与实际道路展现出之间的差距而言,大约四分之三缘于汽车制造商在利用当前监管的漏洞。”Carmakers are known to “game” an outdated laboratory regime using perfectly legal methods such as overinflating tyres to reduce rolling resistance or fully recharging a vehicle’s battery before testing.很多人都告诉,汽车制造商不会利用几乎合法的手段来铁环过时的实验室检测系统的空子,例如给轮胎过量充气来增加滑动阻力,或者在检测前新的给汽车电池几乎电池。The rest of the gap is explained by technologies that have a greater effect in the lab than on the road, such as stop-start systems that turn off the engine in stationary traffic. Equipment that tends to increase fuel consumption, such as air conditioning, is also turned off during lab tests.实验室检测与实际道路检测结果差异的其余部分,缘于一些技术在实验室中的效果高于在实际道路行经时,例如在交通堵塞时重开引擎的“启停”系统。

一些不会减少油耗的设备,比如空调,在实验室检测中也不会被重开。European regulators are pushing to bring in a new test regime from 2017. They also plan to introduce real-world testing for Nox emissions in the same year.欧洲监管机构于是以推展从2017年起引进新的检测系统。他们还计划在同一年发售针对氮氧化物废气的实际道路检测系统。


While the VW case centred on diesel engines and Nox emissions, the latest research from ICCT focuses on CO2 and includes both petrol and diesel variants.大众案的核心是柴油引擎和氮氧化物废气,ICCT的近期研究则注目的是二氧化碳废气,研究对象既还包括汽油车也还包括柴油车。The European manufacturers’ body, Acea, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the figures.欧洲制造商机构——欧洲汽车制造商协会(ACEA)没立刻对此记者就这些数据置评的催促。As for the VW scandal, Acea has said there is “no evidence that this is an industry-wide issue”.至于大众的丑闻,ACEA回应,“没证据证明这是一个仅有行业的问题”。

However, carmakers’ share prices are showing extreme volatility amid the swirling media coverage of the VW crisis.然而,在媒体铺天盖地报导大众的危机的情况下,汽车制造商的股价波动得很轻微。BMW shares fell as much as 9 per cent on Thursday after a German magazine published a story that highlighted the emissions performance of one of its vehicles during a road test.宝马(BMW)股价周四一度暴跌9%。此前,一家德国杂志公布了一篇报导,侧重提及了一款宝马汽车在尾气实际道路检测中的展现出。The shares recovered some ground to close down 5 per cent after BMW issued a statement saying it “does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests”.在宝马公布声明称之为“并未操控任何尾气检测”后,该公司股价攻占了一些失地,最后在昨日收跌5%。

“Two studies carried out by the ICCT have confirmed that the BMW X5 and 13 other BMW vehicles tested comply with the legal requirements concerning Nox emissions,” the company added.宝马还回应:“ICCT进行的两项研究证实,拒绝接受检测的宝马X5和其他13款宝马汽车合乎关于氮氧化物废气的法定拒绝。





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